Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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January 9, 2017

Great offshore fishing lately. We are just starting to see our sailfish numbers pick up, today John W released 5 sails and a few more bites. Since I don't have any pictures of those sailfish, I will post some of the other AWESOME Tuna and Dorado pictures we just got in from the last week or so. Yellow Fin Tuna have been so thick for the last year, about 4 years ago they kicked out all the big tuna boats, and we were so excitied, but after they left, we didn't see any tuna. Then, around last July, huge schools started showing up and we have been seeing them ever since! Around the Tuna, we are seeing quite a few nice big Marlin, and then there are always the enormous Dorado around! Great offshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

December 21 2016

Great day today out there with captain Junior on our 32 foot Stress Reeliever 1! They hooked up a pair of nice Blue Marlin including the one below, both in the 250-300 pound range. And they released 6 nice dorado, including the great bull above, and they got a pair of Tuna! High Season is officially here, great offshore fishing today in Quepos Costa Rica!

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Quepos Inshore Fishing Report:

28 Foot $550 Full Day Inshore Fishing Charter

January 10 2017

Inshore Fishing has been really hot lately. Big schools of sardines out there, and with the sardines they are catching huge varieties of big fish! Today Alex released 19 roosterfish, 3 snapper, and a bunch of Mackerel and Jacks! Very busy day out there. Johnny has also been seeing lots of snook around as well, been some great inshore fishing lately here in Quepos Costa Rica!

We also are having this Cubera Snapper some of our customers caught on our overflow boat the Marlin B December 31st verified for an IGFA Women's 20LB line test WORLD RECORD!

December 20 2016

Wow is all I have to say about that huge broomtail grouper that Johnny caught above. Probably the biggest grouper I've seen here. There have been tons of sardines around lately, and when the sardines comes through, all the fish come out of their hiding spots, and out of the rivers and it's FISH ON! We've seen lots of snook, snapper, roosterfish, a few seabass and then this HUGE grouper. Great inshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

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